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Sky walk

When you come to visit our forest, you will be surprised to find yourself-like the birds-admiring Mother Nature from the top of the trees. This is because from the beginning of your walk you will be ascending-step by step-until you find yourself as high up as the vegetation that will surround you (up to 130 feet). Here, a series of bridges, trails and platforms awaits you in order to safely walk together with your family without any worries.

Sky Walk is ideal for professors, students, researchers, naturalists, whole families, and the public in general. The climb is not strenuous or muddy, as the trails are well maintained and generally very flat. Local guides accompany each tour and help visitors learn about native plant and animal species.

This tour generally lasts two to three hours. Groups can be no larger than ten people. Until recently, little was known about life in the tops of tropical forests, as it was nearly impossible to get so high. Early explorers used ropes and pulleys or ladders carved into tree trunks to make their way up. Today, biologists explore the forest canopy using towers, suspension bridges and construction cranes.

Biologists now know that about 90 percent of all organisms in a rainforest are found in the canopy. The sun that barely reaches the forest floor strikes treetops with full force, fueling the photosynthesis that eventually results in leaves, fruit and seeds. Since there's a bounty of good food way up there, animals abound in the canopy as well.

Costa Rica’s rain forests comprise some of the world's most complex ecosystems. The Sky Walk gives visitors the unique chance of seeing this complex web of life up close.

Enjoy Sky Walk it's an unforgettable experience, the excitement of looking to one side and seeing   the tops of the trees and at the same time feel the sensation of walking among the clouds the  principal objective is to offer a different observational perspective of tropical forest, as a new alternative in tourism for nature lovers.

Schedules: 7:00 a.m.,  8:00a.m., 9:00a.m., 11:30a.m., 12:30 m.d., 2:00 p.m.