El Castillo La Fortuna Hotel La Fortuna Costa Rica Hotel Linda Vista Viewing Arenal Volcano el Castillo, Arenal Volcano National Park Hotel Arenal Lake

 Receive a warm welcome from the Badilla Picado family, proudly the owners of the :     Linda Vista del Norte  Hotel

We are among the first settlers in this beautiful corner of Costa Rica, and enthusiastically developed this hotel over the years with a vision to offer, travelers from all over the world, the opportunity to enjoy the country´s most famous natural wonders in pleasurable comfort and good service.

The hotel has been strategically built on hilltops and slopes that have an incredibly beautiful panoramic view of the Arenal Volcano and the adjacent “mystical” Arenal Lake.

The spectacle of an active volcano and the relaxing views of the lake´s landscapes can be appreciated from the comfort of your room and balcony, or while having a nice meal in our restaurant, or while sipping an exotic cocktail in our wet bar or terrace.

We want you to know that we are also dedicated to nature´s conservation, and especially attentive to the surrounding forests and national parks that harbor 5% of the world´s natural riches.

A journey to our place offer ultimate natural enjoyment while crossing through our beautiful country. Close to our place there are a great variety of exciting adventures, activities and tours.

We´ll be glad to offer you these great experiences, our family and staff are committed to make your stay as enjoyable as possible.

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